Give Your Own Boxes

Do you want the amazing rush of giving the gift packs?

Please email us via and we'll find out how we can get you the materials to make your own boxes. Or if you really want to do it yourself, we can send you the materials to order on Amazon. :)

Registered Box Givers!

  • Andrew Noske - That's me! I live in Nob Hill, and deliver on my way to work. :)
  • Shar - An amazing friend, who says she likes to bake her own bread to give to the homeless who stay near her place in SF. So we came up with "loaves of love", just for her. :)


  • What can I put in my box?
    • Food: apple or orange... snacks and a couple of strawberries are fun.
    • Hygiene products: socks**, chapstick*, comb, bandaids, wet wipes or tissues, toothbrush & paste, sunscreen.
    • Drink: bottle of water*.
    • Inspiration: any book you can think of.

    • Pro tip: A lot of great stuff you don't even need to buy. For example, some flights give away toothbrush/paste/eye mask kits - save those! See what you have around the house for spring cleaning. Ask your friends to donate socks.

  • How can I approach those in need?
    • Please employ common sense to be safe (safest bet of all is to have a friend nearby).
      • Many homeless people suffer mental conditions, so avoid anyone who seems agitated.
      • Only approach someone who looks like they might appreciate the gift.
      • Leaving a box beside someone homeless and sleeping might be a nice surprise when they wake up.
    • Try opening with "Can I please say hi and give you a little gift?"
    • If asked for money, that's a good chance to say, "I can give you this instead."
    • Just be friendly, because it's the act of human kindness and someone who cares (maybe says they have 5 minutes to listen) that makes the difference, even more than the pair of socks itself.

    • Let yourself feel great afterwards - even if it wasn't received quite like you thought it would be! ...especially if that happens, because yes, you are putting yourself out there a little bit. Casually handing a ziplock bag version (instead of the full box) might be easier for someone really shy.