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Location:   There is no registered charity for this, but hey - if it takes off, or you want to help it take off, reach out! Currently, we plan to "run" this from our own homes (1 of us lives in Nob Hill, San Francisco) and deliver boxes as we can on our way to work.


   the strawberries with smiles team

Meet the Team!

Dr. Andrew Noske

Contact:   andrew.noske<AT>

Role:           Tech lead and idea bloke.

The first giver for "strawberries for smiles". I'm from Australia, my parents are environmental scientist and I have a big love for animals, trees, dance and picking up litter. In 2015 I was lucky enough to be offered neuroscience postdoc in the United States. I now work for Google Maps and moved to San Francisco in 2018 where I realized I could could get even more enjoyment helping people without homes than I get from picking up the occasional piece of litter. I've been lucky in life, but if ever I was down on my luck, I hope others would extend basic gestures of kindness to slowly restore hope and get back onto my feet.

Naomi Kawaji


Role:         Organizer.

Naomi is a program manager at Google who lept at the chance to help organize and deliver boxes!

Cassandra Xia


Role:         Resource finder.

Cassandra had given boxes to the homeless before. Cassandra is a Google engineer, and gets around with her beautiful doggie Voldamort.