Build Boxes

To really scale this.... how about you help us build the boxes! What's even more valueable than giving out a dozen boxes to the homeless yourself? Give just one empty box to a few coworkers or friends, with the challenge that they can fill this gift box and give it out!

Or maybe you just want to build then fill your own boxes... that's fine too! :)

How to Make The Empty Box

Here's how to build the box:

  1. Order the (recycled) empty white boxes .
    • Tip: I like the 100 pack (should be $30, so ~30c a box), but there are smaller quantities.
    • Pro tip: For a more compact alternative, consider ziplocks (you can put the sticker on these just as easily, you just can't fit fruit in them as easily).
    • ...
  2. Order white shipping labels for your printer .
    • Tip: I like the 110 pack (it's $12, letter size and cut in half is ~5c per label).
    • ...
  3. Print the strawberries for smiles design PDF onto your labels, then stick it onto the lid of the box.
    • Tip: Try printing "actual size". Each page fits two labels
    • Tip: Notice in this folder are two alternate designs "loaves of love" and "socks for smiles" (for ziplocks).
    • Pro Tip: Leave the box collapsed until someone is ready to fill it with goodies.
    • ...
  4. Print the optional challenge PDF onto cardboard, cut out the ones you like and add one to each box.
    • Tip: Print "fit" size and use two sided tape to stick it inside the lid (it should just fit).

Your boxes are ready to give to friends!.... or fill yourself! :)

  • Tip: Try giving about 5 boxes per person (maybe just 1 if you don't know them), and hand them out to your classmates, coworkers, dance group, soccer friends, where-ever! Tell them that you're trying to start a movement, and include an info/instruction card with each set of boxes.